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Re: Fairy tail 303

Surprised at this situation now.

I agree with most folk I'm not so happy with having Juvia replacing Natsu, but then again she is strong think back to GH when she literallly went crazy if she did that then it would be awesome. Plus if she fights Leon then easy win.

Im hoping to see Gajeel and Laxus to go all out here going to be sweet. The only thing about the new team is yeah Natsu was able to take both Sting and Rogue but do you think Gajeel can do that ? Its clear everyone is slightly matched up, Laxus with the Black Lighting Guy, Erza the Minevra girl, Gray the Memory Make wizard Rufus I think ? And then that leaves those two and I certainly dont see Juvia fighting any of them.

The rescue mission meh not really that bothered by it. I wonder if what that guy said about Natsu power not recovered yet is true.
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