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Re: Fairy tail 303

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Fairy Tail is so stacked with powerful Mages that they don't even need two of their top five Mages in order to win this thing. I liked the twist at the end with the rescue squad. I thought that Natsu would be tied up somewhere & wasn't allowed to compete cause he'd go straight for Lucy.
Nah. Even Natsu listens to Marakov when he gets serious.

But you're right, Ezra and Gajeel should be enough to win this. Oh look... they still have Laxus, too, who wiped out an entire guild by himself.

Anyway, suspecting the arrest by the King was a set up and the offer to hand her back if FT wins the whole shebang is just insurance that FT will drop all of its power during the fights so they can siphon more off and complete their little time travel gate. We'll probably get square nosed guy back to "save" the girls but lead them to the gate to activate it all as part of the plan.

And then it gets Natsu'd.

Too complex for FT?
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