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Re: Fairy tail 303

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Fairy Tail Power Structure

Mavis - Should be capable of all three fairy magics including Fairy Law.

Gildartz - Based on performance.

Makarov - Based on reputation.

Laxus - Fairy Law puts him above Erza, Marijane, & Natsu.

Erza/Marijane/Natsu - Marijane is hyped to be on par with Erza while Natsu has gotten allot stronger since his last fight with Erza.

Gajeel - Close to Erza/Marijane/Natsu however needs to prove his worth.

Freed - I honestly don't know why this guy wasn't in one of the Fairy Tail teams. I'd put him higher however he's been basically ignored since the time jump.

Gray - Needs to prove his worth before going any higher.

Juvia - Lost to Gray.

Evergreen - Could be higher if she wasn't so ignored.

Cana - I put her above Elfman simply because she was chosen for the S-Class exam. Still needs to prove her worth.

Elfman - Needs an opponent that isn't so situational before going any higher.

Wendy - To young to be any higher for me.

Bixlow - Hasn't done anything since the fighting festival arc.

Max - Seemed like the only mage worth a damn from the one's who didn't take part in the S-Class exam. He was also the one to go up against Natsu which to me implies that he's the strongest from the weak fairy tail group.

Everyone else is not even worth mentioning at this point.
Nice breakdown. But seeing how Natsu has the power of "feelings", and decimated two DS, one who apparently annihilated it's own guild master, I'd have Natsu a little higher.
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