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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
My point, nobody in the history of Uchiha prior, or after developed a MS Jutsu from 2 Tomoe, and Obito did in 30 seconds. It was obviously from a Harashirma boost because it never happened before. At most during Rins death in the structure of the manga Obito should've gone to 3 Tomoe. Therefore the 'extra' step to MS, which they only showd the MS style and not any jutsu at all, is what I stated, a skip given. That was my point. What was yours? U got a viewpoint, or just a lawyer representing for somebody else for some unknown reason?

I broke down my explanation prior to this post, while some sit on the sidelines and throw in something catchy occasionally to attempt to matter. Hilarious. Btw...

Who in the Blue Hell are You?

He didnt develop mangekeyo from 2 tamoe, he did it from 3 so I dont know what youre talking about. Even if he did do it from 2 I dont know where you are getting your info that it has never been done before when you couldnt possibly know. It was not obviously from a Hashirama boost either, it was from the death of the girl he loved. The emotional trauma was so severe that he snapped and his sharingan upgraded to 3 tamoe, and then to mangekeyo.
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