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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Gamabunta View Post

Open-minded simply to accept an opinion sucks but i do respect your opinion. And no, i suggested its probably a retcon cause i think putting everything that tobi states as a lie is being overly biased. Furthermore, we don't really know know how advance those uchiha were back then and where itachi get those info from cause if we were to trace... Most of the stuff Itachi learned or were lead to the road of discovery is from........... (why don't you answer this too)
True but what you're doing is speculating to the extreme, although I do respect your point of view.

The SO6P had the rinnegan when he performed Izanagi(according to Obito) which clearly differs from the Izanagi Danzou and Obito used. Furthermore, Itachi used Izanami so why should you question his knowledge and what he said about Izanagi?

Itachi hardly learned a thing from Tobi, we KNOW this. It was just a ploy to provoke Sasuke and make him not trust Tobi. We saw in the flashback that Shisui was much more of an influence on Itachi than Tobi ever was. All he did was meet Itachi the night before the massacre.

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