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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
What you're saying is NOT canon. Canon says that izanagi is derived from Creation of All Things, which the sage used to create the 9 bijuu.

Also, you're still wrong about the Obito thing, since the prophecy stated that the child of destiny would be the harbinger of chang. Obito being declared the harbinger of anything is Binktopia doing what they are known for, embellishing translations to side the dialogue into something more catchy. Minato never once said Obito was the harbinger of disaster, only that he was one of the catastrophes Naruto would have to overcome to make the changes he was destined for.

Here, Naruto tells Raikage Tobi is the harbinger and I already showed you Minato saying the same thing, or have you forgotten?

This is Tobi saying Izanagi's original use by the Sage.

Now you see I've provided CANON proof of what I've said. Please do the same rather than your OWN opinion.
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