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Re: Should Obito be the main antagonist?

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
You're joking right?

Actually Nagato destroyed Konoha.

& was most likely manipulated by Madara into doing so. Obito left Konoha before Naruto was even conceived. There is just no way for Obito to know about the pregnancy or due date, know how to extract the fox, know the inner workings of Konoha's security without having some sort of help. Simply put he did not come up with that plan on his own.

No he didn't Danzou orchestrated the massacre while Itachi did the deed with Obito's(assumed not confermed) help.

Yet Sasuke continues to defy Obito. Dude really now it was Itachi who dragged Sasuke into darkness not Obito.

Actually Orochimaru did that.

Actually Oro wasn't working with them. Proof is in the ring or lack of one when Oro actually did the deed.

Again Obito never destroyed Konoha Nagato did.

Actually that was Hidan.

Actually that was Nagato.

Again that was Nagato.

Yet again Nagato.

Wow dude you really love giving Obito credit for things he didn't do don't you? PS: Nagato.

That was Sasuke.

Host which were captured by a number of different people. Obito can only be credited for the 3 tails which he had help doing.

Actually that's one Kage(Minato), one Jink(Kushina), & one Bijuu(the 3 tails didn't have a host when captured.)

Do you know anything about this manga? Fucking retards.
I hope you are kidding lest you be the retard.
He obviously meant he did this things "indirectly" ie the cause/manipulator of all the above.

But by EOJ's logic Madara did all the above since he is the one who probably manipulated obito.
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