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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Again based on what? There's no direct timeline to back up what you're saying. How is that hard to understand?

Which happened days before the massacre in question. Again no timeline is given for when Itachi actually met Obito.

Being Anbu has nothing to do with destroying his clan. Also relevance to any of this?

According to Itachi himself a masked man assuming the identity of Madara who is now implied to be Obito actually was his mentor/trainer.

Based on what? Itachi himself suggest otherwise.

Because I'm not making the claim of a definitive timeline you are. So the burden of proof lies with you to prove that timeline to be correct. You're saying that Itachi had MS before meeting Obito & I'm asking you to prove it. O wait you can't.

The Hokage had nothing to do with the massacre it was all Danzou.
Your question 1 and 2, contradict each other and once again, make no sense. You say there's no definitive timeline yet you name one which is WRONG. The massacre happened the day Shisui's body was found.

3. Who said it did? Being an Anbu squad leader by 12 having already mastered his sharingan at 8, PROVES, Itachi was already an accomplished and powerful shinobi before his alleged 'mentoring' by Tobi. Didn't you get that?

4. Lool if you're gonna insist on being naive and not understand why Itachi said that to Sasuke, that's up to you.

5. Lol, so what exactly did Tobi do for Itachi? How did he train the 12 year old who was already powerful by the time they met? Tell me...

6. I can actually. Itachi first showed his MS the day after Shisui committed suicide. Yet you're gonna say(comically) that Tobi met and trained Itachi months before this incident right? Lol oh wait wait, you'll say, 'who knows, it could have being years not months' right?

7. This is the most laughably claim of all. It doesn't even warrant an answer. You SHOULD know better!
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