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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Wow you're a fucking idiot. I made no contradiction. Comment one relates to you putting on a timeline on when Itachi meet Obito when there isn't one while comment two is about when Itachi first used MS. Which is like a day after Sushui committed suicide which was right before the massacre in question. So tell me when exactly did Itachi have time to venture out into the wildness, find Obito, & get him to agree to a plan to take out the Uchiha when death of Sushui, gaining MS, & the massacre happened within a matter of days from one another?

Sasuke was already a powerful shinobi by the time he left with Orochimaru. Does that change the fact that Sasuke got stronger as a direct result of Orochimaru's teachings/training/mentoring? Like I said Itachi being Anbu isn't relevant to anything.

Yet you're ignoring the fact that it was even said to begin with.

Like I said before dumbass you don't know exactly how & when they met. The timeline for that simply doesn't exist. However since Itachi clearly referred to the masked shinobi as a mentor of sorts we have to take it as that until shown otherwise.

I never said such a thing. What I said was Itachi gained MS from Sushui's death which happened days before the massacre. Yet you're trying to add in a timeline for when Itachi met Obito when it simply isn't there. You have yet to show me one reason why I should assume that Itachi met Obito after gaining MS. When in reality based on the timeline we do have the opposite is clearly implied.

You're clearly an idiot.

Wow so Danzou didn't give the order to destroy the Uchiha behind Sarutobi's back even though the manga specifically states otherwise? Fucking retards.
Change your name from Vengeance to Retardness. You say there's no timeline et you again state one in the pathetic excuse of a post you've just posted. Hello, dummy, learn to read english.

2. What a stupid fucking point you just made. Are you still in pre school or something? Itachi had MS before meeting Tobi so what exactly did Tobi teach him you fucking prick? Sasuke when he left Oro didn't even have Ms and hadn't even mastered his sharingan. Clearly he had MUCH MORE to learn. Just like you, your parents took you out of school way to early.

3. Again, since we have established your IQ level, please carry on being as naive and idiotic as always. Fucking moron.

4. Prick. Itachi was influenced by Shisui NOT Tobi. He told Naruto what Shisui taught him and he tried to kill Tobi yet in your dumb as shit world, that still means Tobi was Itachi's mentor. This so called debate is becoming tiresome. Are you that stupid?

5. Oh really. Lets see. Itachi shows his Ms the day after Shisui's body is found yet the imbecile called Vengeance, claims this proves Tobi met Itachi days before Shisui even died. Yep, you've got my vote. Lmao.

6. I'm clearly your superior.

7. Lool, so the 3rd had no idea the Uchiha's were to be massacred and I suppose he must have being outrages upon learning of it. More so when Itachi went to him and begged him to protect Sasuke, right?

What a waste of my precious time. You are beneath me intellectually. You have no sense, let alone a common one. Please fuck off and stop posting to me. Unless you can muster a decent argument, shut the fuck up you waste.
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