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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Num, you should post this to Mangapanda, Mangastream and the like, since they ALL say what I just said. Its like in your haste to show what the Japanese version showed, you omit the fact that us readers, can only go with the material present. Yes or No?
No, there are plenty of available sites that point out the existence of Banbutsu Souzou as the source of the Bijuu, so it's not like it's some obscure reference, people simply have to double-check the data available instead of relying on the scanlations only.

In my post, I provided links which I obviously didn't make up(before you start accusing me again,lol) and pray tell, how does this Banzou w/e disprove what I said about Tobi being the harbinger?
It doesn't. I was pointing out that deeming Izanagi as the source of the Bijuu and saying it's canon is wrong.

Lol and 376 is not the sole reference we have here you know, unless you have deemed all other chapter references invalid because you say so.
Sorry, but you don't really get why 376 is pivotal to your own argument? The only way Tobi being the harbinger of disaster linked to a prophecy was if his description fitted the Great Frog Sage's prophecy in 376. Naruto quoting what his father said isn't a prophecy, it's really quoting. Unfortunately, I can't find the damn chapter in the original Japanese to sort things out.

Oh, and as a curiosity, the term "harbinger of disaster" in 503 is really Binktopia taking liberties with the original Japanese. Minato simply says "That man will surely bring disaster", as Naruto says in 544.

A theory by definition is not a fact and in my THEORY, I said Madara may have had a prophecy about Nagato. Lol, so why are you demanding proof when I clearly said it was speculation?
Theories/guesses are based on facts and the more facts you back up your claim, the stronger the theory is. Making up factoids a stronger guess does not make.

And INB4 "but it's my opinion!" or something like that, you have the right to express your opinion, but you have the duty to properly back it up since opinions can be wrong.

Edit: thanks for the translation btw. However, am I right in thinking, it indirectly proves what my original argument was about? Namely, that Izanagi has different applications and that Tobi and Danzou versions were just that, a version of it?
No. Along with Tobi saying Danzou's version was incomplete and never saying why or why his version was somehow more complete, there are no properties different between the two versions (except the duration, but it was explained why Danzou's version was longer and it doesn't really change anything in Izanagi's mechanism). And to be honest, Izanagi was already dumped by the plot by Izanami, I don't get what's its relevance in arguments anymore.
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