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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

@Num: 376: this is my point. The prophecy the Elder Toad told Jiraiya made NO mention of a harbinger of disaster or a man bringing calamity, correct? The child of destiny was suppose to do one or the other, destroy or save the world. However, by the time Minato performs the RDS, the prophecy now includes a man/harbinger who the child of prophecy has to defeat. Naruto repeats the same thing. Do you get the difference because there is one?

Its either Jiraiya told Minato more to the prophecy than what was shown to us readers, or its a plothole from Kishi.

Izanagi: Izanagi as explained by Itachi, was used by Uchiha's to make sure they completed certain missions etc. It was a kinjutsu and clearly, it HAD to have being deemed one(and used) before truce was made with the Senju and the formation of Konoha. So does it make sense that the Uchiha's would NEED the dna of their most hated enemies(and really its just Hashirama) to perform a kinjutsu when its counterpart doesn't require Senju dna?

Furthermore, as your scan said, Izanagi is an application of Banzou.. but obviously the Izanagi that Danzou and Tobi used, created nothing but a genjutsu to allow them to escape death. This is why I believe Izanagi has different versions or applications, depending on whether its being performed with a rinnegan, sharingan or sharingan and senju(Hashi) dna.

Hashi's dna is obviously the amber nectar of the Narutoverse, and it helps prolong or shorten the side effects of virtually any jutsu. Your right, it has no relevance to the plot and I never claimed it did. Was just trying to explain or claim that there are different versions of it.

As for the Madara Nagato prophecy, the ONLY 'proof' I had to base it on was that it made no sense why Madara would randomly gives his precious eyes to an Uzamaki, who are closely affiliated to the hated Senju Clan. Surely Madara must have had a reason to do so, hence why I speculated that it could be a prophecy. I understand your objections to this, but I just wanted to put it out there and as always with you Num, I respect and appreciate your opinion. If only others could criticise and condemn my posts in the same manner, I wouldn't have to flame so much. Lol

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