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Damn well it is all starting to make Nagato was destined to use the Rinnegan and the Mazo. Madara made black zetsu with part of his will. Gedo Mazo is in fact the shell of the Juubi. The Mazo was made before the actually flower/zetsu's. Only part I am having issues with is the whole he gave his eyes away without knowing part?Lol how would Nagato not notice his eyes being taken out and new ones implanted lol?! Madara taught Obito all yin/yang, Rikidou ninjutsu and Uchiha kinjutsu. So that is how he knew so much of the Uchiha history. Obito did in fact start his masquerade following Madara's death. More interesting is the fact Spiral Zetsu is still apart of him. Obito left Kakashi alive for his own reasoning. Also Obito started using Kamui. (or at least noticed) Not a bad chapter....clears up a few things....

Edit: Only using the Mazo's source can Madara/Obito actually use the moons eye if its destroyed....they have nothing left to power the ultimate genjutsu

Also...Madara did in fact awake his eyes late in his life...near the end, so did he transplant his EMS eyes to Nagato???? Nagato awoke the Rinnegan due to his heritage? Kinda confused..

also when he says befriend Nagato, I guess that is where/when he orchestrated Ataksuki...

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