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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
Obvious (insane) solution for the good guys: blow up the fucking moon.

EDIT: With that out of the way, not a bad exposition chap. At the very least it makes Obito's desire to see the Moon's Eye Plan succeed much more believable. Now the depraved evil measures which he goes to in order to achieve it, that still really doesn't make much sense. It also, at least for me, gives the idea that Madara was a person with the potential to be good who became drunk with power. When he's old and weak he sincerely seems to be a less bastard-y character than EdoMadara. Still wish we knew what the hell prompted Kakashi to go full Vlad on Rin...

EDIT 2: Holy bleeding fuck I just realized Sasuke has been a red herring this whole fucking series (or at least as long as Tobito was set in stone in Kishi's head). Madara's ambition, the hatred, the quest for power of the Uchiha was never truly passed down to Sasuke as Hashirama's Will of Fire was to Naruto. Obito is the Madara to Naruto's Hashirama, not Sasuke at all. Shit.

Damn dude just thinking the same thing lol
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