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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Gamabunta View Post
If you are the one who doesn't acknowledge the fact that this manga is originally written in japanese and that is obviously accurate while the translated version can be poorly and hastily done then you are just a silly kyf's cheerleader.

And one more thing, not everything is a lie especially when it came to explaination of a jutsu. Tobi explaination to konan is the author way to relate to the reader and its not the tobi trying to lie (beside she is dead) lol. The only problem with one and only Izanagi is that its been retcon later on by itachi.
Shut up you fucking idiot. We dont read the Japanese original do we? The translations we get is what we are quoting from and even in the original, it says Izanagi is an APPLICATION of Banzou.

Now I'm done talking to a moron such as you, who typicaly, has nothing else to say but that TIRED old line of "your a kyf cheerleader". At least Kyf is interesting, you, you might as well be annoymous on this fucking forum.
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