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Re: Bleach_512

Um yeah I would agree..this chapter was ridiculously fast paced...aWell Byakuya lives just for a short amount of time..until the Medic captain finally does some fucking work! Where that bitch @?! Love how Ichigo actually made his entrance in front of Juha. BOSS! Fuck are we still getting introduced to the fodder of the Quincy army?! Why the repeat also "it's Kurosaki Ichigo" Shit i heard you the first time??? not much to speak on...Kubo didn't properly build the suspense for ichigo's triumphant return. Much like Naruto heading into the war...shit just happened...Any dumb ass could of figured that is was in fact Ichigo showing up in the sky..So what happened in Hueco Mundo? Who was the liberator?

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