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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
I foresee the next chapter returning to real time and that is where Kakashi might throw some light on the situation and the reasoning behind his actions, whether deliberate or accidental.

Though I'm more certain that it might be forgotten considering we have Obito's reasoning for what he did. After all, it's Obito's Flashback!
No I don't see it going back directly, since this chapter ended with the statement the truth behind the I believe Kishi will actually show the progress made within the year or whatever before the bout with Minato. Kishi still has a few things to clear up...The Mist, Itachi, Massacre, Akatsuki, the transitional period between Madara's death and Tobi's birth. It would be fitting if Kishi cleared all this up and then maybe we get a chapter where Kakashi and him face off since they will be fighting one another. I agree though Kakashi will turn Obito slowly into seeing reality over desire...telling him the reasoning behind him killing Rin.
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