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Re: One piece_685

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
So much info in this chapter.

The fact that VP made a DF lends some credibility to the theory that DFs in general are engineered things and not magic. Seriously, VP cannot get into the story fast enough. CC is a just trash, he needs an asswhooping, and what was that Don Flamingo hallucination all about ?

Maybe Dfla was present when Momonosuke's group was kidnapped ? That explains his hatred of pirates, he also went into detail as to what he thinks pirates should look like and his descriptions match Dfla's appearance. Money being a logia is something I did not see coming, I would rather have had something a bit different, too many logia already.

Good chapter though, an info chapter. The banter between Luffy and Momonosuke was funny.
Shit dude I didn't know what you meant by Dfla hallucination....I thought that was a visit of Ichigo in hollow form lol. Yeah you're right that was def a glimpse of Dfla.. Maybe he visited Punk Hazard and came across them...I don't see Dfla actually kidnapping kids himself...maybe he inspected them or some sort but he seems to be middle man always. Anyhoo good point out.
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