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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions

Nagato: ...pull the other one.
Tobito: I am! And I am here to save the world by putting everyone into a giant genjutsu using my super special awesome statue that kept the juubi prisoner for, oh who knows, but is now able to somehow convert their juubi chakra into magical genjustsu fuel that I will use to turn the moon into a giant magical eyeball to take over the world!
Nagato: ...wait, what?
Tobito: Did I stutter? I'm going to use you and your Akatsuki group as a way to take over the world, put everyone into a massive genjutsu using the moon, and bring my dead ex not girlfriend back to life.
Nagato: You had a girlfriend? What was she like, a hundred?
Tobito: No, about thirteen.
Nagato: You make me uncomfortable.
White Zetsu Voice inside Tobito's head: You're Madara now, remember dipshit?
Tobito: Oh, I'm just kidding. No, she wasn't thirteen. I didn't have a girlfriend. Like all Uchiha I'm a gay over reacting emo dipshit. So, about this taking over the world using a magic eyeball moon. You in?
Nagato: Dafuq is wrong with you? Go away.
Tobito: Look into my magic eyeball of plot convenience, you shall be my slave.
Nagato: Oh fine, whatever, I got nothing better to do anyway.
One Piece! Hell Yeah!
One Piece! Hell Yeah!
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