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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Well, folks, more plot holes incoming your way!
  1. We see Madara already a geezer just like in this flashback when he awakened the Rinnegan... despite Nagato having the Rinnegan for roughly 20 years before this flashback. Oops!
  2. Now Nagato isn't Uzumaki, he's Senju despite the manga insisting on the former. Could be a bad translation, though.
  3. We see the Ame orphans fine and dandy when Obito approached them. Funny, considering both Kannabi Bridge Battle and Akatsuki vs Hanzou and Danzou were closing acts of the Third Shinobi World War. It seems Yahiko is a Schroedinger's Cat wannabe.

Could it be Num that Madara gave his actual EMS eyes to Nagato knowing Uzumaki being Senju lineage could awaken the Rinnegan. As Zetsu said having both powers awakens it. Also could it be that Obito here tries to win over Akatsuki but is turned down. He could of somehow setup the alliance between Danzo and Hanzo. Being that his relationship with Danzo is about to pick up. Remember right before Tobi confronts Danzo, Danzo or Tobi says last time I saw you was the night of the Massacre... Maybe Obito sets up Nagato to give him further misery and pain. Making his reach not toward a peace but toward his own flawed vision of peace. So it is possible Kishi will follow the timeframe of Kannabi bridge and the strife between Hanzo and Nagato...
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