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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Sorry, I won't shut down my brain just because you ask. Specially in this flashback, this is the do-or-die moment for Kishimoto and he's pretty much fucking it up.


That's even worse in terms of the plot hole because he had EMS before Rinnegan, so the age difference would be bigger.

At the rest, you didn't get what the plot hole is. The timeframe you mention was already spent up, Akatsuki vs Hanzou and Danzou already happened by this point and, somehow, Yahiko is alive when he should be dead. Mind you that Kakashi and Rin vs Kirigakure nins happened AFTER the war, since Kirigakure never partook in any war before the Fourth. So, if what you say happens, it doesn't somehow cover up the plot hole, it only makes it deeper.
I hear ya on the wars and the bridge timeframe as I didn't look it up...but the eyes can make sense....Remember the panel shows one eye...his eye that he replaced...he could of simply gave his actual eyes...before rinnegan to Nagato and awoke his rinnegan in his sole replaced eye.
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