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Re: naruto_Manga_606


now, the time line is screwy but her goes.

third Ninja WAR:

Kannabi bridge Mission

Rin Dies

Obito goes to the Dark side

After War:

Minato is Hokage.

Minato VS. Tobito

Naruto is born

A.N.B.(After birth of Naruto), keep in mind this is a 14 year period below!

During this time the Zetsu armor is dis guarded due to Obito growing on his own. some how he kept the mask.

Madara dies passes on responsibility to Obito.

Mizukage is controlled/ Kisame meets Obito (posing as Madara)

Tobi(Good Boy) and Zetsu joins Akataski-click-

Reveals himself as Madara to Nagato-click-

(don't believe he was aware that his eyes wear transplants. If he knew then he would have spoke of Madara and the ACTUAL plan. Instead his plan was to have all the Bijuu to keep all the countries at bay and peaceful.)

Yahiko Dies to Save Konan, Nagato summons Gedo Mazou.

resurrects Yahiko and assembles Akataski as we know it,under Tobdara's guidance.
Akataski turns into a Terrorist Organization.

Orochimaru joins Akataski.

Itachi incident(Danzo,Meeting "Madara", and Massacre)
Orochimaru is defeated by Itachi

Orochimaru leaves Akataski
A.N.D.(after Nagato's Death):

Tobi reveals himself as Madara(to the Kages).

hints of his true intentions are mentioned, if you look back on it.

"He was supposed to use that on me",-Obito in reference to Nagato bringing the
village back to life.

reveals the true plan.

Starts war.

My Point, all things we seen in those panels were just flashes of what has happened thus far. Basically just to fill in the blank, where needed. It should be Kakashi's turn to have a flash back to explain why he killed Rin.

the fact he doesn't care whether people live or die is explained as well. He believes in this dream world. but the thing is, Madara said, "...Create a world exactly as I want it''.-click-

Obito says, "..will be in the world we are about to create...tell me how to create a dream world".-click-

I think ONLY one person can control the dream world. I think they were supposed to resurrect Madara right after they Met Nagato, didn't need the Bijuu to do it JUST RG.-click-

I think that Kaskashi and Obito will give their eyes to Naruto. I don't think Sasuke will have any intentions on fighting Naruto anymore. That subplot is over. (that's what happens when you have to rush to an ending,Kishimoto!!!!)

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