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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions

Jericho Prediction

Naruto 607: "truth"

We see Obito staring at Kakashi and Gai, "that is how I realized Madara was right".

Kakashi, " you were there? Why didn't you say aomething to me, you should have came back home and found out the truth!"

Obito, " are you still goong on about that? I have mo need to know why you did it, she died. I asked you to do one thing abd you couldn't. Due to the darknessbin this world."

Over with Naruto we see Bee is fighting a clone as Naruto is dealing with Madara.

Naruto, " how are you still here, Big brither Itachi cancelled the Edo Tensei?!"

Madara, "i aeperated myself from the vontrol of the caster, Kabuto he said his name was, not Itachi."

Bee *is being attacked by sharp braches speeding towards him," what the hell, forever on earth you will dwell?"

Suddenly Naruto has an RS clone block the projectiles heding bee's way.

Naruto, " i got a question, why can you use the first Hokage's jutsu?"

Madara, "you wouldn't understand it if I told you slowly or with small words. You serve one purpose right now. That is to be defeated and the fox ripped from you."

He sends a mass of jagged and pointed growing twisted wood element speeding his way.

He easily dodges it but then *is struck down by Madara himself from above, with his war fan.

He lands on the ground as he is geting up he sees bee being stabbed and wrapped up by the very technique he just dodged.

Obito, " Edo Tensei!"

Suddenly we see a coffin rise.

Naruto/Kakashi/Gai, " now what?"*

The coffin lid falls and a shadowy figure emerges.

Kakashi, "you monster! What have you done...."

We see it is a resurrected...

Kakashi, "...Rin?!"

Obito, "i was going to talk to her after all this to let her know she would be happy very soon in the new world. But you keep going on about this truth."

Rin, " kakashi? Your alive, I am so glad!"

Kakashi, " oh Rin... I am sorry."

Obito, " rin."

Rin, " why are you sorry, we had to do it for the village. Innocent lives were at stake. I am the one who told u to do it, don't feel bad for me."

Obito, " Rin, what do you mean you told him to do it?"

Rin, " who are you mister...wait is that you Obito?! Hiw are you here, wait are we all dead? I that hiw we are together again?!"

Obito, " no Rin, I brought you back with a forbidden jutsu, i have to know sonething, well two sonethings. First, why did Kakashi kill you?!"

Rin is a bit thrown off by his tone, "well, I was a weapon for the Mist Village. Under orders from Danzo, Orochimaru did experiments on me.
It was something about the First Hokage and being his relative. They wanted to see if I could awaken his power within me."

Obito, " what are talking about, you were he guinea pig? !"

Kakashi, " we found out while Sensei was away, somehow Orochimaru was erasing her memory after the sessions. I watched over her one night and saw it all."

Obito, " the Mist village why were they there!"

Kakashi, "they had a spy on her. They found out about Rin's plan."

Rin, " yeah i was gonna fin minato Sensei, he was on an important mission. I figured he could seal the results away that way there would be no way they could use me."

Kakashi, " but I knew they were about to surround us. There was no way we could fight our way out if there, without help."

Rin , "thats when i asked him."

Obito, "you asked him... To kill you so they couldn't force you to help them if you were captured."

Obito flashes back.

We see the Zetsu, " yeah we can go anywhere we see and hear everything."


Obito, {they knew, they didn't tell me. He knew he had to...}

He glances over at Madara.

{he just used my emotions against me.}

Rin, "oh Obito, what have you done?"

Kakashi , " he has loved you just like he always has..."

Obito looks at Kakashi then Rin, " i am sorry for disturbing you Rin, it won't happen again."

Rin, " it' okay, i got to see my favorite guys again! Good bye Kakashi and Obito...glad to see the team is still together!"

They both say nothing.

She is gone.

Naruto is trying to attack Madara but at to no avail.*

Obito, "Gai an u still fight?"

Gai, " of course i can, i am ready for you!"

Obito flashes his Mangekyo at Kakashi, "Not me."

Kakashi leaves Gai's side and nods his head in agreement with Obito.

Suddenly Gai is with Bee breaking him loose from the wood element with chops and kicks, " come on killer Bee!"

Madara is pulling Naruto towards him.*

Suddenky kakashi is right beside Naruto and Obito is behind them and pulls them both into Kamui, then teleports himself away.

Madara, "what?!"

Elsewhere we see the Alliance fighting Zetsu clones, when we see Sakura fighting.

Sakura, " take this!"

She punches a Zetsu apart with one hit.*

Obito's spiral appears with Kakashi coming out.*

Sakura " Kakashi Sensei?!"

Kakashi to Kiba that was close by, " i wont keep her too long. Keep fighting Kiba!"

He grabs her and they both go back into the dimension.*

Whats going on?! What is Obito's plan?

Next: "Passing it down"
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