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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions

Chapter 607 Apacolypz Prediction

I am Uchiha Madara!

As Nagato stares down the approaching Zetsu and Obito....
Nagato: Who are you??? Why are you in our land?
Obito: I am Uchiha Madara.....there is no land that is off limits to me....I have come to Amegakure for one sole reason (menacing glare) to recruit you three.
Nagato: Impossible! The reign of Madara is ancient! Whoever you are, whatever your goal is you will have to defeat me here and now!
Nagato: Water Release! WILD WATER WAVE! A huge destructive wave of water heads straight toward Obito alongside Zetsu.
Zetsu: Well he is going to put on a show...we will sit this out and watch from elsewhere... (burrows underground)
Obito: (sitting still and just looking on) So you won't make this easy eh?!
Nagato: Be swallowed by the tears of the fallen! The wave slams on top of Obito as Yahiko walks up to Nagato.
Yahiko: That was a bit much...we didn't even hear the guy out!
Obito: Don't worry you will have a chance to hear what I have to say! (Appearing behind Nagato)
Nagato: Earth Release, Earth Style wall! A huge wall comes up behind Nagato preventing Obito from attacking directly.
Obito: You think too little of me! Obito phases through the wall and runs toward Nagato with his hands reached out.
Nagato: This shinobi has some sly tricks up his biggie this will end it. Shape Shifting technique! Nagato makes a clone of himself directly in front of himself. Without noticing Nagato becomes invisible to the eye.
Obito: Hmph he doubts our powers it seems..more importantly he forgets just who I AM!
Nagato takes off dashing with speed toward Obito who now seems to be a bit serious.
Nagato: Chakra propulsion! Nagato forms what looks like small rockets to the bottom of his feet. They propel him with insane linear speed toward Obito. Nagato: Chakra Cannon! Before Obito can take defense Nagato shoots out a huge blast of chakra that is the speed of sound. It instantly knocks Obito on his backside.
Nagato runs in on top of Obito forming a sickle from his under sleeve and attempting to stab Obito in the chest. Before he gets the chance Obito phases into the dirt. Nagato eyes widen! Nagato: This man is quite puzzling. He is maneuvering between my attacks as if they are meaningless? What does this mean? Konan slowly approaches Nagato, Konan: Don't push yourself! You are acting reckless! WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO YOU! TRUST IN US NAGATO!
Nagato: I have the jutsu set up, the next time I encounter him I will finish this!
Obito rises from the ground in front of the rippling eyes of Nagato.
Obito: You are a powerful shinobi outside of your own league...hhhahaahha but still not enough to bring down UCHIHA MADARA! (insane laughter)
Nagato: Nothing is beyond the reach of these eyes! Shinra Tensei! Obito: What is this?! Obito is thrown so far back Nagato has to run alongside him to follow his landing. Nagato: Perfect position, Water Release Exploding Water Colliding Wave! A wave runs in behind the tossed Obito engulfing him completely in the viscous move! Wave after wave tumbles on top of Obito.
Nagato: I have a feeling this isn't over..but just to make sure...Bansho Ten'in! Nagato pulls Obito toward him. A lifeless body flies toward his hand. Just as Obito's body is about to touch Nagato, Obito: You're mine! (without Nagato noticing) Kamui! Obito sucks Nagato in to his inner dimension. Zetsu (outer body shell) IT WORKED! WE HAVE NEVER CAPTURED OUR PREY BEFORE! Konan: NAGATO!!!!!!!!! Yahiko and Konan start to run toward Obito. Obito turns around looking on. Under his mask he is smirking beyond belief. Obito this ends now! Capturing both ninjas in his one sided Mokuton technique. As the branches hold both ninja at bay. Obito now to have that chat. Obito reverses the Kamui dimensional transfer allowing Nagato to escape. As he escapes we see a poof of smoke..Obito: Ah a clone huh? Where is the real one? Zetsu: He hides behind us, no one can hide while on my turf.
Nagato: He holds my comrades hostage while searching for me. I have to make my move otherwise I may lose......Nagato goes ballistic! He pulls up his sleeves, ASURA PATH! Flaming arrow missiles! Nagato shoots out many missiles into the air. As the small explosives home in on Obito's location, Nagato: FLAMING ARROW OF AMAZING ABILITY! Lastly Nagato sends out his actual fist in the form of an explosive missile head. Zetsu: Something is heading this way...I can't pick it up. Obito turns from his audience to find dozens upon dozens of missiles aiming right for his position. Obito: This guy does not let up?! Obito tosses Konan and Yahiko horizontal away toward different directions. Now that they are clear, Obito: Kamui! Circling into his dimensional transfer we see the missiles being absorbed within Obito. Zetsu: Hurry! More are coming! Obito: I can't transfer them all at this speed!...
Just as Obito is faced with the possibility of own demise, Zetsu: Mokuton Wall of Defense! Thousands of small branches root up from the ground forming many thick threads of wood. Nagato: (yelling) PUSH, PUSH,PUSH! His missile heads among other tiny ones hitting the wall with incredible force. The missiles hit dead on creating a thunderous clap heard all over. As the smoke and debris settle. We see a broken defense with spots on fire. Nagato: Did I get him? Obito: NO! (Nagato turns to find Obito standing idly behind him. Obito: I must say even for my powers...that was CLOSE! (Facing down with a shadow covering his top mask. Nagato: Just who are you? Obito: I told you once already Nagato kun, I am Uchiha Madara! Nagato's eyes widen, Nagato: What do you want with me? Obito: Now that the games have ceased, Zetsu retrieve our friends. Zetsu brings both Konan and Yahiko to Nagato. Obito: They are unhurt, simply unconscious from the earlier distraction. I am not here to fight you, but I must say witnessing your strength first hand....I really do need you as an ally.

Nagato is speechless. Nagato: So what was all of this? A test? Obito: Well you attacked first, but you can say that. I have heard of your strength from my own village. Nagato: So you are from Konoah I presume. Obito: NO! I am a rogue ninja of that very place! I aim to create a special place for people like ourselves. I have a vision that will bring peace to this world. Through my means I will not stop until my dream world is birthed by my own hands...and possibly with your help it will all come to fruition. Nagato: Why do you need me? Obito: Those eyes...those eyes will be the catalyst that will bring change to this world...I need strong useful shinobi who will take on missions to make sure our goals don't come across any interference. Nagato: Seems to me you aim to unify the shinobi world under your vision?? Is this not true..Obito:....Let's just say I have a plan to bring everyone within my Utopia. Obito: I know this is sudden but what say you? Nagato: I have issues here within my own country. I have to heal Amegakure before I attempt to heal the world Madara Sama. Obito: If that is your decision I want you to meet with Hanzo and form an alliance. His power boost will aid you in your efforts to bring peace to this dismal land. Nagato: The Salamander! He does not negotiate with anyone! Obito: Trust me when I tell you Hanzo is on the move...and he has taken notice to you three. Soon he will approach you with an offer. At that moment your life will change forever. You will leap into the future as the child of Prophecy.(Obito is speaking outside the context of the actual Prophecy) Nagato's eyes look up directly at Obito. Nagato: Those words...those words...Sensei! Nagato rises to his feet. Obito puts his hand on his shoulder. Obito: I am sorry for having to test you to such limits. If you ever need to reach me, meet me here at this spot. (hands him a small piece of paper) Obito alongside Zetsu start to walk away. Nagato: Just like that you are going to let us walk away?! Obito: I cannot make you do anything forcefully. I have hope that your beliefs will soon follow my own. Until then seeya! Obito phases with Zetsu into the shadows..
Yahiko: Just what is all this about?
Nagato turning facing his comrades.....
Nagato: Come we must make preparations...we are going to Hanzo sama!
Konan and Yahiko both are so stiff with excitement they can't control themselves.
Yahiko: Finally! I will make this weak city stop crying and cast in a light of change...... He raises his left arm to the sky...

Nagato: Let's scatter!

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