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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Questions I'd hoped this chapter might answer:

1.) Why did Obito go completely bat shit insane over the death of a girl who never knew his feelings for her and instead loved his rival?
2.) Why did this confrontation end with Kakashi and Obito interacting at all?
3.) Why did Kakashi kill Rin?
4.) How did Madara know what was going to happen to Rin? He seemed pretty confident that Obito would come back and join him, how'd he know?
5.) Why did Madara leave his precious rinnegan eyes in a child in the middle of a war torn country in constant strife and just hope he'd survive long enough to be manipulated into killing himself to bring Madara back?

Questions that WERE answered:
1.) Where did the black Zetsu come from?
2.) Can kishi make more plot holes.

Well....thanks I guess.
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