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Re: Bleach_512

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Simple. Isshin's story, the Zero Squad, The Spirit King, and Ichigo's role in that still had to be addressed. When he fought Aizen, his strength was far well beyond Yamamoto. For human that had maybe two years of training? That's nuts.

Also, Byakuya's going to die. Kubo was just trolling the fuck outta his fans with "Oh, he's not dead just yet. Someone has to give the 'AVENGE US' speech. That's out the way now? Okay, he's dead."
I am with you on this one. Yes the sequence of chapters as of late and plot setups have been so scattered it's so hard to keep pace. I certainly am bored with everything in this's like watching the Aizen saga again but less confidence in Aizen and more the eradication of SS by Juha. So unbalanced and completely disregarding the history and story he set up..the only thing as EOJ suggested is bringing out characters that could either further develop the story or give us insight on what occurred in the past. Having Ichigo fight Juha solo completely shits on every person thus far. Kubo has a serious issue with making his protagonist the super say a hoe type position. Over and over again we have heard Shinigami call out to him as if he was Kami. Shit is ridiculous that we will never see such things as Kenpachi's bankai..we see the most powerful Bankai to date, only to be killed off and absorbed a chapter later..Such disrespect for his own creation it sinks into a toilet full of shit. Hopefully he gets a third breath and gives us solid fights from this point on....Lackluster performance and writing...only thing you can really give him credit on is his drawing skills....
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