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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Not even Madara could summon Kurama once he was brought back with Edo...Naruto and Kurama are synched completely together..No genjutsu can break that connection..Not only that..If the connection could be easily broken by someone of Sasukes caliber then Madara at this moment would already have both Hachibi and Kyuubi. At this point breaking their seals, connection is anything but easy.. Naruto has an even stronger connection to his bijuu unlike that of KB. So to say Sasuke could just enter Naruto's consciousness and seal away the chakra source so Naruto couldn't tap into is wrong. Sasukes reach with Naruto is so far off.. If his ems status has really boosted his own skill we have yet to see it..
I didn't say summon the kyuubi, I said break their link. Also, Madara is only NOW facing Naruto and the Kyuubi so its yet to be seen how hard it will be for him to break their connection. Previously, he tried to summon the kyuubi when facing Naruto's clone. This is actually the first time he will be facing them.

I was too rash saying Sasuke will break their link easily however, I still believe he can, albeit, a lil harder
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