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Re: naruto_Manga_606

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I think Kyuubs, Kurama, specifically can be controlled, (prolly not fully when Naruto is sync'd) but even when Obito was trying to yank from Moms Kusina, the Bijuu had Sharingan controlled eyes until Minato did the seal shit.

Summons have been susceptible too, Sasuke did the same to Manda, but other Bijuu haven't been shown to 'bow' to Uchihia eyes, best example KB vs. Sasuke. Possibly though Sasuke could've entered Naruto's mind because of they're bonds, as well, that would be some Grant Hill, Kishi shit.
I mean it not that I don't agree that bijuu or Kurama can be's that as you said when they are synced as they are now...its just not happening..Just like with KB, Naruto's is just stronger.....

Edit: Obito only struck Kushina when she was weak and the seal was weak...and even then as the flashback showed, she held him at bay. Obito only acted when he knew he could force Kyuubi from her.

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