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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
1. You're getting sillier by the post. When did I berate you for doing further research? (...)
Well, excuse my French, but what the flying fuck you think this is?

Let me ask you a question. Do you read the original Japanese of every chapter that comes out? And if you do, do you think everyone fucking does? Until you posted that Banzou w/e the other day, I never heard of it and was simply going by what the scanslation I read, tell me.
Unless you can't read what you write, you were using an accusatory tone to the fact I actually checked the original Japanese. So stop the backpedaling and assume what you did.

3. Grow up. Because I agree with your nemesis, in your deluded state of mind, you think I'm copying his MO.
Funny that the phrase that begins a whole paragraph of you trying to deny your similarities with KYF stabs you in the back by making you sound exactly like him, only with better grammar. KYF my nemesis? I'm delusional? Oh boy, you're like KYF, clueless about what you're talking about.

You lotclown Kyf at every given opportunity and by extension, you assume anyone who agrees with him, is also a 'dunce'.
We've been over this before and I can't believe you haven't learn a thing from that discussion. It's KYF's stupidity and stubbornness that are rightfully criticized, not KYF as a person since we don't even know who the fuck he is in the first place. And everybody is indeed a dunce for agreeing with KYF if KYF is also being a dunce. Simple as that.

How about the idiots like Vengeance who agree with you?
Wut. No, seriously, what? You clearly haven't paid enough attention to the forum, Vengeance and I disagree quite a lot BUT Vengeance isn't an idiot, because he actually uses clever arguments that sometimes I happen to disagree on, unlike you or KYF who string fallacies after fallacies.

Are they copying your MO as well?
You tell me. I already pointed out how your MO is very similar to KYF's, you should be able to do the same.

This aint the only forum I'm on. (...) So while its convenient for you to label me a Kyf cheerleader because I agree with him, the fact remains, I formed these opinions myself a long time ago.
Well, I stand corrected, you're not a KYF cheerleader, you just happen to be as dumb in certain aspects as he is. I don't really think that's a better label, to be honest.

4. You're such a hypocrite. (...) . Lol, but you guys aint having it easy with me are you?
I'm as much of an hypocrite as you are an open-minded individual. That was sarcasm, in the case you didn't get it. It was already told to you many times that nobody is cyber-bullying KYF or anybody who agrees with him, people simply are criticizing stupidity. And, trust me, the closest person to employ actual cyber-bullying was KYF in the first place, so it's idiotic of you to make such remarks.

5. You think for a second. (...) I said, and maybe I should write it in capitals so you can understand, THE IZANAGI THE SAGE USED WAS DIFFERENT, JUST LIKE TOBI SAID. It was the original Izanagi, that is our whole argument
That arguments assumes Obito said the RS had Izanagi and used it. The thing is, the manga does not state that, the mistranslation does. I'll even quote the page with all the scanlation bits except the mistranslation, replacing it with the proper translation.

"Izanagi is, by nature, an application of the fabled Rikudou Sennin's 'Banbutsu Souzou'. The Uchiha and Senju were once one and the same. The Sage, who was the two clans and two bloodlines in one person, used his powers to create many things. By administrating imagination and the spiritual energy, which forms the basis of Yin power... he would create shape and form from nothingness. By administrating vitality and the physical energy, which forms the basis of Yang power.. he would breathe life into that form. The tailed beasts are among his creations. With his Yin-Yang elemental power he created the nine beasts from the Ten-Tails chakra. A technique with the power to turn imagination into reality... / that is Izanagi".
Based on this excerpt and this excerpt alone, where does it say Izanagi was used by the RS and that it created the Bijuu? Easy for anyone with reading comprehension, nowhere. It was said that Yin-Yang manipulation was what created the Bijuu and that Izanagi was derived from Banbutsu Souzou, which means "Creation of All Things", so the logical deduction is that the jutsu called "Creation of All Things" actually created the Bijuu, NOT a self-cast genjutsu that was derived from it.

6. Like I said, I based this on what the Manga fucking said. (...) I appreciate you finding the original translation, which still mentioned Izanagi(btw) but at the time, I was quoting directly from the manga.
Sorry, only the mistranslation said what you claim the manga did. The original ONLY said that Izanagi is derived from RS' Banbutsu Souzou, nothing less, nothing more. If you still read in the original that Izanagi was used by the RS to create, you're reading what's not there.

7. Well that's your opinion isn't it? (...) Lol, you should write to them and berate them for this!
Again, you're assuming Obito actually said RS used Izanagi and it was different. He didn't, he only explained where it comes from in that controversial page.

Also, you're assuming I'm the first person to notice this mistranslation AND that mangastream changes their translations after they're released. Both are WRONG. Many forums and even Narutopedia have explained the goof with Banbutsu Souzou and there's a very famous mistranslation in the same exact chapter ("third of six paths" instead of "third coming of Rikudou Sennin") and people actually went to mangastream notifying of that mistake in the very day the scanlation was released and, well, I think this page is evidence enough of what happened to that particular plea.

Do your homework before putting your foot in your mouth.

8. I think an intelligent guy like you(no sacarism intended) should know better and understand what the fuck your talking about. Your own fucking scan says Izanagi is an application of Banzou, yet you omit the Izanagi part in that sentence and conclude, the only Izanagi in the manga, is the kinjutsu of the Uchiha's.
I'm not omitting anything, I'm only not adding stuff to what the manga says. Considering the original Japanese and disregarding the mistranslation, there's no syllogism or logic line of thought that makes me think that RS' Izanagi (IF he used it in the first place) was different than the Uchiha kinjutsu, only that its parental jutsu, Banbutsu Souzou, was different from Izanagi. It takes a fallacious leap of thought to say otherwise.

Also, I think you're still under the assumption that application means "practical use". Look at the damn context for once and tell me:
  1. Did you ever saw or heard of any jutsu that was impracticable and/or unusable by itself? The closest we saw were jutsu that can't be practiced often (FRS pre-SM, Kamui for Kakashi, etc), jutsu that weren't complete (Chidori pre-Obito's death) and jutsu that can't be used if not all requirements aren't met (Kirin without thunder clouds, ET'ing people with sealed souls). NONE of this is synonymous with impracticable/unusable.
  2. Why name a jutsu that is impracticable and/or unusable to begin with and then rename it for something else if Izanagi was the practical use of Banbutsu Souzou?
Doesn't it make much more sense if you think for a second and come to the conclusion that application does not mean "practical use" in this context, but rather "specific use of one or more tenets of something", which is true since Izanagi does use Yin-Yang tenets, just in a different way that Banbutsu Souzou does?

Occam's Razor, my friend, Occam's Razor.

9. Who cares if you respect my opinion. (...) I couldn't give to shits if you respect my opinion, regardless of what I think of you.
And the point flew right above your head. Freedom of speech =/= being entitled to an opinion that is demonstrably wrong. Why tarnish your freedom to speak by saying stupid shit and hammering that it's right despite it being logical wrong?

10. (...) Lol, somehow, I doubt you will.
This is so stupid I don't even know where to begin.

First, the more you deny your proximity with KYF, you contradict yourself by putting yourself closer to him. That's what the paradox is about.

Second, you like me ironically? Either you're insulting me saying that my arguments are so bad they're good (the irony!) or you like me despite our antagonistic rants. Hopefully is the latter, but if that's the case, don't say "like ironically" or else you'll sound like a brain-dead hipster.

Third, intelligent reasoning? You use arguments from ignorance, can't properly read text and its context and insist on using an already debunked mistranslation as basis of your argument. That's impossible with intelligent reasoning.

Fourth, I don't have groupies and Vengeance is probably one of the if not indeed the last person to be my groupie, specially after I entered OH. You have to be either ignorant or stupidly biased to even infer so.

Fifth, I do point out when people that normally agree with me are wrong and vice-versa. If you never noticed that, pay attention instead of blowing smoke out of your ass.

Sixth, stop assuming stuff. You already proved yourself incompetent at doing that.
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