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Re: Naruto_Anime_282

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
Not even going to waste a topic. Anyone watch the latest filler with Sai needing emotion to draw a tiger to seal things? Dafuq?
they destroyed this episode with that fucking emotional energy BULLSHIT! I am so past being annoyed by this recent anime. I couldn't stomach watching it. My insides cringed! Gay ass Sai! ( No offense to anyone just saying the word fits...)
For fucks sake why did he need emotions for a fucking jutsu in the first place? Ain't like he's a fucking Uchiha...WTH? On top of that the risk of the jutsu was cool...Good thing Lee was his comrade..if it was me he would of been 187 game over... well i think i am going to go hit a punching bag.... peace
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