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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by OG View Post
i watch it to make fun of it, thats about it. theres a thread about it in the tv section. main character girl is really annoying.

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
Mest, sorry buddy but it has been one of the worst shows on TV. I've been watching it to see how worse it can get, it makes so many mistakes, has horrible dialogue, a shoddy story, bad character introduction, cliche characters and so much more.

What hurts even more is that it could have been so fantastic, it's a great setting and great base to start a long running show on. Not to mention being run by Eric Kripke (Supernatural), Jon Favreau and JJ Abrams. It could have been so good.

That paragraph you wrote describing it, is better than the whole of the 5 episodes released so far.
Seriously? I've seen way worse shows, I love the setting. I was also a fan of Jericho when it was on. I guess I'm a bit biased towards these types of shows. What mistakes are you referring to? I haven't had a problem with any of the dialogue. I don't think the story is shoddy though. I think it has to be that way to give the viewers a mystery. It's slowly showing the viewers more and more things about what happened and how. I wouldn't consider it any more shoddy than Lost was when it was on. Curious about the mistakes it's made though, they either went over my head, or I've added it to the "Unknown".

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
The more I hear about this show the more I want to join in with Demi and OG just to mock it and see how bad it can get. Everything listed as a positive for the show just makes it seem worse.
To each their own. You should still check it out for yourself though. To be honest, the direction in which I though your AG story was headed in(probably wrong) made me think you of all people would probably like the show, haha.

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