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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions

Scene changes to a forest near Konohagakure years later. Danzo with his root Hounds and Orochimaru met for a little chat. Danzo: It's about to get done. As soon as we get rid of the Uchiha scum I deliver you the sharingan to store them into my arm. Uchiha Itachi will come to find your men and you'll get what you always wanted and I will give you further protection from the Hokages Forces. As long as you keep your ass out the village.*
Orochimaru: Danzo, I don't expect you to held some big trust in me. We know all know that. But I made my preparations to be betrayed by you. You know were you'll find me when the jobs done.*
He rushes of with the Shunshin no Jutsu and meets Sasori in some meters behind.
Sasori: So your jobs done? I didn't expect a snake to bow down to some scum like Danzo.*
Orochimaru: Hehehe... You know its business I have his health and life in my hands and he gives me protection and time to discover a certain jutsu in to let them know how the snake strikes back. ( evil grin)

Scene changes to a place hours after the Uchiha Massacre.

Itachi: Mission accomplished, Danzo sama.
Danzo: So you really did it, Itachi. Who helped you against them? You don't want to tell me? Or don't you want to betray your new comrades like you did to your clan. You know you only join the so called Akatsuki to keep them away from the village.
Itachi: Thats none of your business. I'll make sure to protect the leaf. But if you lay a finger on Sasuke I'll deliver all information about the village to the other nations.*

Scene chnage to the Akatsuki Hideout years later.*

Pain: We are finally complete. With Deidara from Iwagakures Blast squad our force is strong enough to stop relying on the missions of the stone and the mist.*
Kakuzu: I'll gathered enough money to supply our guerilla tactics. Whats the next step Pain?
Pain: Sasori! After Orochimaru left the Akatsuki your new partner is Deidara. Make your preparations. In two years you go for the Ichibi of the Sunagakure!!!!

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