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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Demi-God View Post
I do love the setting, post-apocalyptic type world stories are awesome. I'm making one as we speak.
Nice. Is it an AG one?

I've found the dialogue to be just plain, there are times where I can predict word by word what's about to come next. The average dialogue wouldn't be too bad either if it was delivered by good actors, but aside from Giancarlo Esposito who is fantastic even though he has a bad role, the majority of the actors are wooden and aren't really believable in their roles.
I can agree with this to an extent. Giancarlo is great in pretty much everything I've seen him in. I do fail to see most of the characters being wooden. The daughter is for sure, but they still react and say, pretty much what I would expect anyone to say in their situation. I think Burke takes on his role well of Miles. Same with the actress's who played Nora and Maggie.
The main actress and character for example just makes me cringe every time she's on, I don't know how she's survived past the first episode where the guy was constantly hacking at her over head for a full 2 minutes and all she did was crouch while blocking with a crossbow, though he could have stabbed her and be done with it.
To be fair, most of the fight scenes are a lot better than that. Particularly the ones with Captain Neville and Miles.

I feel like it tries to give mystery, but it's just badly done so it hasn't been able to add any suspense or interest to the story line. At this moment I care more about how the main character will hopefully die than what happens with the electricity.
Seriously? The whole show is a mystery at this point. Why did the power go out? Why did Miles start the Militia? Why did he seemingly force the mother to join him? Why did he leave the Militia? What happened to the black lady with the other pendant? Who was she talking to on the computer? Who kidnapped/killed her? Where are the other 12 pendants and who has them? That's only the ones I can think of. I like how it gives you all of that info in little bits and pieces, it reminds me of Lost(why I referenced it before) in the way that it does that.

Oh hey guys! I have a tattoo of my name and a logo for myself on my arm! That's totally a normal thing to do! Let's all use muskets because no way weapons could have possibly worked after electricity stopped! But apparently we can all still have perfectly fitted leather tight clothes and get absolutely no dirt on any of our faces!
That may just be a Militia thing. What do you mean by no way weapons would work? Weapons work just fine, problem is the Militia has full control over them and it's punishable by death to own a firearm, as seen with Captain Neville killing the guy over owning a shotgun. Muskets are more readily available and efficient to use against people who don't/aren't supposed to have guns. I'm sure it's still possible to get your hands on black powder, however if all the Militia soldiers walked around with M16's they'd be shooting through bullets they'll never be able to re-cartridge.

Here's what, I still have all the episodes, I will stream them tomorrow for everyone here and we can all watch it and go through. Doug you can join if you like and see how it is, free tomorrow?
I'm down.

Jericho on the other hand I've heard good things about and I haven't watched it yet but I downloaded it and I plan to.
Jericho was fucking awesome, and such a cocktease getting canceled in the third season. The writers are continuing the series by releasing them as very well drawn comic books. I read the season 4 one, it was a decent length and I enjoyed it. I don't think they've released a season 5 one, yet. I'm pretty sure they still plan to though.

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