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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by xxMESTxx View Post
Nice. Is it an AG one?
Might be, I'm not that great at descriptive writing so I'm hoping to get around that by drawing it instead, but we'll see.

I can agree with this to an extent. Giancarlo is great in pretty much everything I've seen him in. I do fail to see most of the characters being wooden. The daughter is for sure, but they still react and say, pretty much what I would expect anyone to say in their situation. I think Burke takes on his role well of Miles. Same with the actress's who played Nora and Maggie.
This might just be a very subjective thing then, I personally do find most of them to be pretty wooden in their acting. Miles is one of the better ones from the bunch I find.

To be fair, most of the fight scenes are a lot better than that. Particularly the ones with Captain Neville and Miles.
There are some good fight scenes, mostly involving Miles killing people with a sword because apparently these people are unable to find sufficient bullets and guns in America. (But they find what looks like a traffic helicopter and apparently that'll be a huge advantage for the militia? With all that helicopter fuel that they have laying around)

Seriously? The whole show is a mystery at this point. Why did the power go out? Why did Miles start the Militia? Why did he seemingly force the mother to join him? Why did he leave the Militia? What happened to the black lady with the other pendant? Who was she talking to on the computer? Who kidnapped/killed her? Where are the other 12 pendants and who has them? That's only the ones I can think of. I like how it gives you all of that info in little bits and pieces, it reminds me of Lost(why I referenced it before) in the way that it does that.
That's the exact problem, there's mystery but it's done horribly and leaves me in no way caring for why it happened. I'm not concerned for why the power went out, more so for why it's a continuous thing. Miles being part of the militia with Monroe was predictable, the guys wife being alive was predictable because of the way they laid out the story (she went out in the woods and disappeared kids!... the minute they mentioned that I said to Macy that she's definitely alive and will be shown with the militia soon, which she was).

Who kidnapped and killed the black lady? Again, meh. Some guy all of a sudden shows up with no prior glimpse to take this woman who we have no real attachment too in what was a 30 second scene. It just doesn't leave the suspense they hope to leave.

An iPhone supposedly holding it's battery while being turned off for 15 years? Righto.

That may just be a Militia thing. What do you mean by no way weapons would work? Weapons work just fine, problem is the Militia has full control over them and it's punishable by death to own a firearm, as seen with Captain Neville killing the guy over owning a shotgun. Muskets are more readily available and efficient to use against people who don't/aren't supposed to have guns. I'm sure it's still possible to get your hands on black powder, however if all the Militia soldiers walked around with M16's they'd be shooting through bullets they'll never be able to re-cartridge.
I meant that the show portrays weapons (like rifles) apparently becoming completely rare to the point where the militia are reduced to using muskets. The militia don't need to hold the trigger on rifles constantly when they shoot someone, a single rifle bullet can be just as effective in killing somebody. I'm sure in this day and age it's easier to find a rifle than it is a musket, even if not every militia soldier is equipped with them, at least some should be. They tried to fight someone with a military sniper by using muskets... for fucks sake.

I don't know, the whole show just feels off to me personally. These are complaints I've seen coming from a lot of people, where they just can't carry on watching it because they can't take it seriously with the shoddy work on it.

I'm down.
I think it's better if we do it this way, 'cause we can go back and forth with text all day. But when we watch it I'll point out the exact things and it could be that you missed them or you just have a different view on what qualifies as a mistake, either way it's all good.

Jericho was fucking awesome, and such a cocktease getting canceled in the third season. The writers are continuing the series by releasing them as very well drawn comic books. I read the season 4 one, it was a decent length and I enjoyed it. I don't think they've released a season 5 one, yet. I'm pretty sure they still plan to though.
Awesome. Firefly tried to release comic books too but I don't think it went too well for them. Are there any other series with the same premise as Jericho and Revolution out there?

Lately I've seen a shitload of Western/Cowboy series cropping up.
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