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Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I could go either way on the issue of him joining. On the one hand, asking some little kid, that probably isn't even all that good at fighting, to join you on a epic journey through hell itself where he could die at any moment, is probably one of the dumbest things Luffy could ever do. On the other hand....

...that's basically what Roger did with shanks and buggy. Putting buggy aside, just take a look at shanks. Here we see a kid wielding a sword, that probably wasn't all that strong at the time, and now he's a freaking Yonkou. If this monosuke kid could learn to control his DF power, and add his samurai techs also, he might be a decent supporting character.

I'd be interested to see if chopper could put his medical knowledge to use to see why exactly the DF that kid ate was a dud and if he can come up with an cure to stabilize his powers, or a Rumble Ball that could alter them further.
yes he did .. but by that time (i might be wrong) he might have been a powerful pirate like WB was or he was already the pirate king... either way he was powerful and then he took on apprentice... luffy is still a rookie here even though he is powerful. so right now its not the time for him to teach other kids
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