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Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Monosuke at least has a DF and some unique swordsmanship. I assume he could cut fire also, since his dad said that move isn't anything real special. I assume he's got good reflexes, and a decent physical build, being a swordsman. Oh, and he can apparently fly too. So he already has a good foundation to build off of.

So I'm gonna say yes to him being the new crew member.
Cool i respect your opinion. It does make sense but the 4 boldedletters had 2 assumption. plus u urself say he only has decent build and i dont know how a power of flying could be helpful to SH (i mean its nthing special). Anyways my point considering Oda it is very unlikely for him to provide with a time skip to develope each character (whoswe powers we havent seen in full) to only add to the grp some decent DF user (man-made+not in ctrl with it) esp comparing with other potential monet
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