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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Being that I was avid reading your first fan fic I'm partial to the Vishnu character. What I gather is that this is a more future driven story given that Celest City exists, Vishnu is over 10,000 yrs old, and has requisite skills already to work with. Love the writing, although I'd say no need to be so extreme with some details like the sword description. That part I'd save for describing the abilities and history of our main characters in the story. But the imagery starting your first chapter is pretty killer. It's hard not to be drawn into the action when a classroom teacher gets gutted out the gate lol.

So questions:
When do we get background?
What's the theme on character abilities? Is it more conventional weapons like swords, bullets, etc. Or are we tapping from Naruto and combining with other stuff? I'm eager to see where you go with that.
What type of time period is it? I guessed more futuristic past Naruto but it wasn't stated. Just a few as you get us back started on something fresh.
Thanks for the return.
Thank you for the opinion. I really appreciate it. Now to answer your questions:

The backround on each character will be revealed as the story goes on. Obviously the backround on Claude/Vishnu will be the most hard to get in the first chapters. Glimpses of his past will be slowly revealed.

The theme on character abilities is various. As you said there will be used conventional weapons such as swords, firearms, but some of the characters will also possess supernatural abilities, such as wind bending or fire manipulation. There won't be any seals, or handsigns used. The attacks will be different from Narutoverse, and much more Bleach/ Fullmetal Alchemist oriented. Of course that some elements will be borrowed even from my previous fanfics, because they are definitory for the upcoming characters that i will introduce.

The timeline...the action is set in the modern days, using realistic events and characters, such as various organizations, personalities, landmarks and events happening around the world. From time to time, the action will tap into the past, in the history. The world war two, the Roman Empire, the Genghis-han era, the old Testament. Many topics will be reached in this work, and i can guarantee this: the plot is very complex, intricate better said. Lots of characters will be introduced, and each action that one does, will affect the future events. Themes like religion, philosophy, literature, music, art, politics will get "touched". I'm hoping to make this story one that is able to call itself a novel. And i'm sure that with your help guys, and with your reviews, we will be able to this story wonderful.
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