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Re: No, you are not entitled to your opinion

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Goddamn, manly. <3

But yeah, that's a whole different thing. I'm pretty sure this topic is referring to stupid people thinking we should all just auto-respect everyone's opinions. Even if those opinions are completely irrational and shitty. And just because someone thinks something or takes a particular stance doesn't mean we should take it seriously and treat it with respect. We shouldn't. We should treat actual rational, thought out stances with respect and treat shitty stupid ones like they're shitty and stupid.

Your thing doesn't fall under that discussion. You're just saying "Hey, you're a fucktard and I don't want to talk to fucktards about this shit, so fuck off." You're not hiding behind some ideological pansy crap about how it's totally cool that you can't back up your stupid shit because it's all 'just opinions derp'. You just don't want to get into it with dipshits. That's completely fine and totally cool.

It's not really a matter of the issue itself when it comes to those things, but rather whether the stance being argued for or against is grounded with reason...or something like that.

More importantly, you actually know a dude who thinks chicks shouldn't be all manly because it makes him feel unmanly? Like chicks should stay at home and vacuum because otherwise they might go out and kick his pansy ass? That guy should worry more about upping his manliness instead of being scared of babes. I wish chicks would go out and do more awesome shit like manly grappling and shit. It would make jujitsu way less gay.
I can see that, then. I just wasn't sure when "it's my opinion" is acceptable. I'm more than willing to enforce what I believe, and if I'm wrong, or "less right" than someone else, then I will concede, and other people should do the same. I believe plenty of things just because I want to [like how Sarah Shahi is the hottest bitch ever], but I also won't say I'm right about believing it, or force someone to say that I'm right. That's retarded.

Also, I'm getting irritated with the increasingly passive-aggressive form of "agreeing." and example: I tried my whole ass off to crush this guys soul with my words, because he tried to tell me gay marriage was okay, but we should call it something else. I was like, holy oh my fuck that is not fucking okay on more levels than this one. He wouldn't concede, because he just didn't get it and refused to see the correlation, and when he was losing he tried to pull the "opinion" card.
^All those people need to knock their shit off, too. That's basically saying "I'll humour your idea, but not really."

And I don't think he'd go as far as to say women should stay home and cook because if they weren't per-occupied with woman things, they'd be busy pegging him, but he said there are things that a woman should never do for a man, because poor man feels might get hurt--ordering food being the exact thing that incited the argument. His stance was that a woman could be subjected to the social dominance of a man, but the reverse could not happen, because that'd be wrong, and me laughing about it made me an insensitive bitch. I laughed in his goddamn face.
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