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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Btw, all of this time since Madara has been Black Zetsu, he's been riding Itachi's dick since forever, and seemed 'amazed' at the Amaretsu.

I was just thinking, Madara + Obito's style with Hara is more creating, earth based. Itachi + Sasuke style destructive Armaretsu, fire based.

I will say that Madara has had the most retarded Fire Jutsu of every Uchiha, and or Fire User in the manga to this point. But something tells me the Lightineng element is going to cause some issues.

Now before everyone goes crazy, I do understand what is 'supposed' to be with MS/EMS Jutsus, Tsukiyomi, Amaretsu, Susanno (and supposedly something else). I understand why Obito hasn't it kinda requires 2 eyes, one to activate and 2 to deactivate, but Madara... makes no sense that it wasn't used vs. any of the Kages. That would'a made tons more sense that Susanno Shadow Clones time 5 per opponent.

This begs the question though, Raichu moved so fast Sasuke had to protect with Susanno AND Enton eventually, correct? I also understand this is the same Raichu that was beating the top Bijuu down like toys, with the Super Lightning shield that supposedly protects against Genjutsu, and zero know Uchiha has even be spoken of as fast as him, that got crushed, by what exactly? He gave his arm to Armeratsu, but crumbled to what? I understand Rinnengan, so what, means shit without lots of clones or extra eyes, give Madara omnipotence, fine. But make the shit make some kind of sense.
Ay along with other shinobi's, fought the Hachbi in the SPECIAL CHAMBER and Ay was able to cut one of his horns. Lol so how can you intrepret that as Ay beating the top Bijuu like a toy?

Also, who said his shroud was suppose to protect him from genjutsu? His speed was what protected him from it, since its nigh impossible to keep up with him. Other than that, his shroud gives him no special protection against it.

About speed: true Ay is the fastest since Minato in terms of raw movement, but he doesn't shit on all Uchiha's in all aspects of speed. Example, Itachi's movements and hand signs speed is faster than Ay's non dojutsu eyes to see. Tobi imo can warp just as fast if not faster than Ay in lv2.

Madara was trolling them and gauging their abilities, knowing that he had a regen body and unlimited chakra. If this was a mortal Madara in a fight to the death with Ay, his tactics and true speed would have being vastly different than what we saw.

And lets not forget Sasuke. He easily kept up with Ay in lv1, in fact he landed the first hit when they both chatged at each other. Furthermore, when Ay went to lv2 and dodged amatersau, Sasuke's reactions were still fast enough to activate enton before Ay was able to get to him.

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