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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
I suppose I should have expected this sort of a reply when I tried to help.

Request? You requested people? Indeed. You forced them to read and managed to piss them off by saying their predictions were not good.

Yes people will assume you're a troll if you do these even in real life.

Doesn't matter whether whatever I said is good for a trash can or for a ingredient in Ramen. I merely told you what you need to know as I doubt you have been in a forum before going by how you post. Never mind it's better to ignore people like you,
okay i guess i just get a over confidence and this give a hurt feeling for some people.....i rely dont know how i say sorry for this and even if i do i get a raicist commend or call a troll so i am confuse at this moment............... i give apology for offense i cause i am rely sad now because this is not my nature or intention.......i always stay true for myself and give a honest word and maybe the truth hurt to much i guess.....

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