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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
2. Lol, what a hypocrite and political you are with the truth. Lets remind ourselves CHRONOLOGICALLY what really happened. You posted that Banzou scan, exclaiming how tiresome it was that you have to bring it up again and that for fuck sakes we should know this already. My response was to THANK YOU for your research, even though ironically, it indirectly proves what I was saying.

Now you convieniently omitt that, and use my alleged tone in my LATER post to you, as the original. How silly and dishonesty of you. You remind me of kids that ask their parents for something, the parents says no in nice way at first. But when they badger them non stop, the parent finally snaps and the the child ONLY refers to that moment, forgetting the parent originally was calm and collected.

Num, you are that child and as your parent, I'm gonna tell you off, lol. I thanked you for your research and only when you went on and on about it arrogantly, I asked you do you think everyone reads the Japanese original.
Oh, the idiotic patronizing tone is through the roof!

Sorry, you can't have the cake and eat it. That is, you can't thank me for fetching the original Japanese and then berate me for actually checking the original Japanese. I wasn't being arrogant about reminding you of the fact the Japanese does not say what you desperately want it to say, I was being accurate.

And I'm not ignoring the fact you did thank for the translation previously, I simply alluded to your berating precisely because you changed sides pertaining the translations.

I'll only say one thing at points 3 and 4: it's funny your denial of acting like KYF while acting like KYF. Even the little pretense of understanding my psyche is a pastiche of him.

5. Ignoring the drivel you posted, just wanna ask you a question if I may. What does the word DERIVE mean? You obviously know the answer so tell me, if Izanagi is derived from Banzou and the manga says the ORIGINAL Izanagi is derived from Banzou but that ANOTHER version of Izanagi does something else, what is the manga saying? Lol, and this SIMPLE thing is got you flapping all this time.
Sorry, where does the manga say there's an original Izanagi to begin with? Because it says there's an incomplete one? We don't even know why it was incomplete to begin with! And it's possible that the incomplete Izanagi is the standard, assuming there's another version (which isn't fully supported by canon).

Also, Kael already pointed out what derive means, so I won't repeat him

But this isn't the first time for you. You love pointing out Kishi's plotholes and inconsistencies, yet when one is pointed out to you that you didn't think of yourself, you refuse to accept it. The child of destiny is the classic example here that you blatantly can see is not consisent yet you argue that it is. Lol, that's something if Kyf did, you'll only be too eager to denounce and insult him.
What plot hole/inconsistency are you babbling about? If it's what I think it is, grab a dictionary, you're using the wrong terms.

6. Lol knew Occam's Razor would come in this debate at some point. Ok cool, lets go with it. Mangastream up till now have NOT corrected this 'mistake' even though according to you, in the past they have corrected mistakes made.
Kael already pointed out I said the contrary, I'll just add: thanks for proving my point of your lack of reading comprehension.

The original Japanese says where Izanagi is derived from, and in that same original manga, Obito goes on to explain a version of Izanagi that him and Danzou use. So Occam ask's this. What does the word derive mean, and why did the original Japanese bother to distinguish the two if only one Izanagi exists?
Again, you're assuming that the manga talked about two versions of Izanagi, when it talked about one and called it "incomplete" for some reason.

Answer that my friend. And I said I liked you ironically but you seem to struggle with comprehension of late. Allow me to explain. You said I'm a Kyf cheerleader because I agree with him and have the same MO as him. Yet me and you disagree on almost every issue and I still go out of my way to say I like you and respect what you do. So how does that fit into your logic? How can I like someone who has called me everything from a liar to a dunce? That is the difference between me and you Num. I can criticse the post but still like the poster and vice versa.
It's funny you yet again make an assumption, this time that I must dislike you for insulting your arguments even though you do the same. And yet again, your assumption is wrong.

I do not dislike you or anyone in the forum, so don't assume that, by not expressing my likings and whatnot somehow I hate people. I prefer to avoid cheap appeals to emotion because they are simply useless to the argument and you saying you like me is completely inconsequential when I'm objectively looking at the arguments.

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
Listen dummy, try to make sense when you attempt to correct me. The fact that Mangastream never corrected this 'mistake', in the context I'm using it, proves my point. Namely, that if you rely on their translation, you will obviously be stating what I'm saying.
What. Seriously, what? Can someone translate me this paragraph so it makes sense?

If I'm reading this correctly, this is the equivalent of basing an argument on a verse of the Bible that is demonstrably wrong and then say it isn't because the Bible is never altered. Wow, just wow.

Going by what this translation and the meaning of derive is, the Sage's Izanagi is Banzou but Kishi has CALLED IT IZANAGI. Just lile how Amatersau is a Shinto god but in Kishi's manga, it is Ms jutsu, so to is Izanagi in this manga.

If only your idoitic child like mind can't understand that Kishi has coined the term Izanagi amd added Banzou properties to it, then this whole lil debate would be over. In Kishi's manga, Banzou is the Sage's Izanagi and the Uchiha kinjutsu Izanagi is radically differwnt from it.

How hard is that for you to understand? So when me and my man Kyf says, there are different versions of Izanagi in the MANGA, this is what we mean. For fuck sakes, are you lot that retarded that you don't get it?

Take the swatiska sign of the Nazi party. Originally it is a Hindu sign meaning honor and nobility. However, by the time of Hitler, it is and has forever become a sign of hatred. Get it. Its the SAME sign but to different people, it means completley different things. Like the cross is derived from the ankh and it means completley different things.

I thank Num for drawing attention to where Kishi got the idea of Izanagi from but I laugh at him for not understanding what we mean by the different versions of Izanagi. In the MANGA mate, in the bloody MANGA.

Now next time nubcakes(never heard of such a dumb term) come at me correctly and you'll be treated nicely, lol.
I literally laughed at this whole tidbit. This could be the dumbest thing you ever said.

The most glaringly obvious thing is Banbutsu Souzou is NOT a real thing, so suggesting Kishi simply added its properties to the manga's Izanagi is nonsensical. Banbutsu Souzou is a concept created by Kishi and it was written within the manga, meaning it exists in the Narutoverse. Now what you and KYF are so adamantly refusing to think about is, if your hypothesis is true, why would Kishi place the name of Banbutsu Souzou just to rename it Izanagi a couple of panels later? Why having two names for the exact same jutsu if indeed Banbutsu Souzou=Izanagi?

It makes sense for Chidori and Raikiri to have different names since, even if one is derived from the other, they have some different properties and it makes sense for Kakashi's Kamui and Obito's Kamui to have the same name since, despite showing different properties, that results from the mastery of it or lack of such. Now, the latter situation could be applied for the Uchiha Kinjutsu Izanagi and the RS version of Izanagi if that was true, but why name the exact same jutsu in its full mastery both Izanagi and Banbutsu Souzou? If the full mastery of Izanagi was indeed equal to Banbutsu Souzou, why the fuck come up with the latter name in the first place?

It's really simple using Occam's Razor properly: Izanagi and Banbutsu Souzou are NOT the same, one is simply derived from the other.
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