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Re: Naruto 507 Predictions


Dude, if you're sorry, say, "My bad" or "I'm sorry". If you're joking about something, say, "Just kidding" or "Trying to make people laugh". I'm new compared to other members, and yet most have a sense of my sarcasm in certain posts (and fyi, I always include a disclaimer as well).

I told you from the very beginning, the thing that hinders you most isn't necessarily your preds, but your grammar, spelling, and context of the English language.

People read these threads, because IMO, they're usually 10x better than the actual manga (they're usually more canonical, too). Don't bash other's preds. If this is your creative outlet, continue to do it, just stop bashing others and improve the aforementioned written skills of the English language.

There is trolling in good humor, and trolling in bad humor. Your's comes across as the bad (pathetic) humor. We've all trolled at some point in time... several of the people who bashed you from the very beginning keep trolling another member here, and he in return trolls them back (KYF and just about everyone else).

Just lighten up a bit, and if you truly are sorry, apologize. It's that simple.
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