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Re: Games and all things related

Yeah, I was eventually going to get around to saying that something similar (which we now know is probably the same exact thing) happened to me in MGS4, making me realize that way back then (MGS4 was the first MG game I ever played) killing others and then dying or getting seen and then dying doesn't work for the achievement. At first I thought it was the tank-car chase battle part, and indeed you have to be careful at that part, but it wasn't because I was able to check how many kills I had after the end of the saga that included that battle, or whatever, and I had 0 kills.

But I didn't make multiple saves, so by the time I later realized about the kill-alert thing, I had already lost my save that was at that part, and had probably saved way beyond when I had last got found out or killed someone. I was attempting to get the bandanna and the invisible thing all in one run. I immediately restarted once I found out (not immediately, since I had to eat and drink something first), and then just replayed the whole game again, getting both- no kills, no alerts. I was a fucking ghost, it was awesome. I barely even ever got seen and had to go for the restart save, since I was so used to it by now. I don't even think I actually legit killed someone and had to restart save.

I thought I was mainly doing it just for the fun that I could have with infinite ammo and invisibility (which, they are pretty fun), but honestly it was just fun playing through the game with those challenges.

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