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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

"Izanagi was originally the practical application of Banbutsu Souzou". Num, what is it that you get?
Banbutsu Souzou was the jutsu the Sage used to create many things, and what Obito is saying here, is that the practical aspect of it, the mechanics of it, is called Izanagi. Lol, and this has got you puzzled.

Now lets Occam for a minute here Num. The Sage and any technique he performs, is going to be on a different scale to all follows after him. He is the originator so when he does a jutsu like CT, its going to be on a different level to Nagato's CT. He is special, unique, the first jinchuriki who even after having all those bijuu's extracted from him, survived, reformed all that chakra into the bijuu's, giving speeches and shit.

That being the case, consider the following of what Banbutsu Souzou AND its application Izanagi was, when he used it.

1. He had the rinnegan and the ultimate body when he used BS and Izanagi.

2. The original version AND its application Izanagi, could do more than what Danzou and Tobi could do.

3. His use of Izanagi was different from Tobi and Danzou's. He used it to create many things and not just a genjutsu on ones self.

4. He suffered no side effects when he used BS and Izanagi, and he obviously didn't go blind did he?

This is what we mean when we say there are different versions of Izanagi. Shit man, this is what Tobi and that lil explanation to Konan was all about. The Izanagi he used to survive her attack, is derived from the original practical application(Izanagi) of a jutsu called BS. Except with the Sage, he used on it on an unprecedented and different scale.

And this aint your 'cool story bro' bs you guys use on Kyf. This is all that chapter and the theme in the manga is saying. Its like you've forgotten that Madara and Hashirama, Uchiha and Senju, powerful as they were, are just mere DILUTION of their ancestors true power.

So what would Occam say about Tobi's statement and explanation to Konan, with all things considered?

Lol, you laugh at Kyf but your stubbornness in this debate is on next levels. IZANAGI and BS ARE in the same sentence, lol along with the words ORIGINAL and APPLICATION yet you deny what they mean. Lmao no no noo, you insist it means something completely different. Yeah, think I'll borrow your slogan if I may please. Cool Story bro...
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