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Re: One piece 686

Awesome chapter today !

I loved the new attacks from both Robin and Nami. To be honest when I saw how effective Heat Egg was against Nami I thought maybe Zoro might tag out and let Nami face Monet, let us see some new skills from her.

I'm curious now do you think Zoro only has the defense type of Haki ? Monet was definately hinting that he only has that type. If thats the case kinda upset at that I mean from Zoro various fights putting his body on the line hasnt been an issue I mean look at Mr 1 fight that still one of the most gruesome fights I think for Zoro, but I suppose we will need to wait and see. I cant imagine that Hawk Eyes only taught him defense and no offensive haki moves.

I liked the humour with Sanji and the marines that was hilarious ! ' Pull out your lip and mock him' was just so funny. Interesting to see how Smoker assistant ( cant mind her name ) will fight alongside Zoro now. If Zoro only has the defensive then he probably will be blocking most of the time while she uses those chances to attack.
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