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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
No mate, its you that's confused. I dont belong to any religion but I went to a Catholic School. Jesus to Christians and in the Bible, is the Son AND Word of God. Don't believe me, google it.
I'm an atheist and I discuss/argue this shit on a near daily basis. Jesus is the Son of God, and through him the Word of God is spoken. However, the Word of God, in its physical sense, is the Bible. Every christian will say that the Bible is the word of god. Jesus was the messenger for the word.

I am not saying Izanagi created the bijuu's,
Actually, that's exactly what you've been saying since you started cheerleading for KYF. You've claimed that Izanagi has multiple versions based on Obito's statement that Danzo's version of Izanagi was incomplete (without telling us how), one of which created the Bijuu. Even though the manga clearly stated that Izanagi's concept of turning imagination into reality (avoiding death by turning oneself into an illusion for the death blow) is based on the Sage's ability to create living creatures like the Bijuu from his imagination.

it took a lot more than that to create them. I'm saying, a PART of that creation, the practical side, was Izanagi but the Sage's use of it, was radicly different and more powerful than the Uchiha's Izanagi.
If it was "radically different" WHY BOTHER CALLING IT THE SAME THING???
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