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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I'm an atheist and I discuss/argue this shit on a near daily basis. Jesus is the Son of God, and through him the Word of God is spoken. However, the Word of God, in its physical sense, is the Bible. Every christian will say that the Bible is the word of god. Jesus was the messenger for the word.

Actually, that's exactly what you've been saying since you started cheerleading for KYF. You've claimed that Izanagi has multiple versions based on Obito's statement that Danzo's version of Izanagi was incomplete (without telling us how), one of which created the Bijuu. Even though the manga clearly stated that Izanagi's concept of turning imagination into reality (avoiding death by turning oneself into an illusion for the death blow) is based on the Sage's ability to create living creatures like the Bijuu from his imagination.

If it was "radically different" WHY BOTHER CALLING IT THE SAME THING???
1.You still don't get it. Jesus is the Word of God as in, when God speaks, his Word is his son Jesus. Obviously the Bible is the teachings and words of God through his prophets, but according to the same Bible, Jesus is called the Word of God. Lol, you're gonna argue this with me when a simple check on google will explain it.

2. Lol, your second paragraph makes no sense whatsoever. In there, you've just admitted that the concept of Izanagi is based on the Sage's BS, but its not the same as BS. Lol, isn't that what me and Kyf have being saying all along? Isn't that what the manga says?

Its like teaching algebra to a 5 year old. The Sage did not go blind when he used the practical application commonly known as Izanagi, so OBVIOUSLY its radically different from the same practical application that Danzou used.

How hard is that to grasp? The Sage did more with the practical application of BS than Tobi, so OBVIOUSLY its different depending on who and what dojutsu is used to perform the technique. Jeez, if you can't read, there's even pictures to illustrate. You know, rinnegan using Izanagi, and Sharingan using it and going blind afterwards.

Same application, different results.

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