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Re: Secret behind Obito's Kamui?

Originally Posted by Amuro View Post
Ok lemme see if I understand what ur saying... are you saying somewhere in BS...izanagi is used? And that's (izanagi) the part of making illusion into reality? But since the sage has rinnigan and a ultimate body, he could actually CREATE things (using izanagi), and that's BS? Since the uchiha don't (have rinnigan and body) they could only use izanagi? Which is only used on yourself? :/ I guess. It's just odd to me.

Ill use your God example: To me that's like saying God created life...and since we can reproduce...we can create life too. So Reproduction is the practical application of life creation? Or science is the practical application of creation. If you see that to be like what your saying, I get it, I cn live with it I just don't agree 100%

The way I see it, the sage had BS. That's used to create things. All by itself...BS. The uchiha being descendants of the sage, were blessed with the ability to tap into a certain aspect of that tech (making illusion reality) which they call izanagi. Two different things tho. The sage didnt need izanagi to create the bijuu...just like god doesn't need reproduction to create life, he just made it...u see that?
No. Read what the manga says properly. Izanagi is a PART of what the Sage used to create all things. BS alone did NOT create all things WITHOUT the practical application known as Izanagi. That is what I'm saying and what the chapter says, that Izanagi's original function, was the practical application of BS.

Now the God example is not mine own definition of it. It's what the Bible says.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Now according to them, God and his Word are the same but seperate entities, so to speak. God speaks and the words he speaks, performs what he has asked for. The word is the practical application of his imagination. For example, 'let there be light'. The BS in that sentence is the imagining the light bit. The Word/Application is what happens once he spoke those words and light was created.

So what Tobi say's is that the jutsu he just used, Izanagi, was originally the application for ANOTHER jutsu called BS. BS comprises of the Sage's imagination and the practical application of it.

All the Uchiha's can do is the application part but even that is different from what their ancestor could do. He suffered no drawbacks, unlike Tobi and Danzou whose sharingan went blind after Izanagi. The Sage had NO sharingan, he used his rinnegan to perform BS and Izanagi. So that being the case, it is obviously different from the self induced genjutsu that Tobi and Danzou did.

Lol, that's all I'm saying bro.
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