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Re: Naruto 607

Yahiko was the man of the chapter. I am fucking proud of him.

Now then... Time to defend me some Masashi.

The whole flashback was okay. Had one major thing that irritated me, but it's far from anything major.

The thing that irritated me was that Obito didn't ask Kakashi anything, but then again, people who snap like Obito did don't think much, especially in such a moment. It can't be even called stupid.

The thing that people don't get about Obito is that the guy is simply mad. He is pretty much what anyone would call crazy. That alone lets anything he has done to be not-a-weird-thing-to-do.

So he saw his childhood love get killed by his best friend. Not fucked up enough? Survived being torn almost in half. He is kinda nuts. And don't tell me crazy people are just raving lunatics. There are a lot of nut jobs who are more calculated then I am.

Nothing in the flashback poked my eyes beside Madara wanting peace and love because I am kinda fed with that shit, but I guess Kishimoto is going with wanting to make villains more complicated then RAAGH ME KILL YOU and that's okay (even though I think his best villains were just that - Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu, Hidan, Kisame - I consider them the best antagonists of the manga beside Orochimaru of course, but Kishi fucked Oro too much for me to take him seriously anymore). Not to mention, I knew this before this flashback so.

It seems Gai is badly wounded. I am hoping to see me some 8 gates and his death, nothing would satisfy me more in this fight.

Originally Posted by Reesaroni View Post
Let's see

Explanation on Rins death/betrayal/whatever - nope
Explanation on controlling the Mizukage? - nope
Explantation on Akatski founding - plotholed
Wood dragon - check

What the fuck???
Who's shaking your cage? You'll get your explanation of Rin's death from Kakashi, not from Obito's flashback most certainly. Just think about it a bit and it will seem logical, trust me.

Bloody Mist is something that Kishimoto missed, but even so I am satisfied. If this flashback needed to be prolonged 3 or more chapters just on something that can be concluded by a reader, I wouldn't praise it too much either.

What's a plothole there? You can make any scenario yourself, as a reader, that works perfectly. Kishimoto didn't have to draw and write every little thing to you, you aren't 12. Nagato came to see Obito one day and talk to him after they lost too many friends of whatever, then convinced Yahiko that this guy is legit. Yahiko eventually agrees and Obito makes him found Akatsuki. Bla bla.

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
WE KNOW MORE ABOUT KABUTO'S MOM! How is that fucking possible? Like him or not, Kabuto was a side kick, a side villain, always a second banana. And yet, I know more about this secondary character's secondary mother than I do Rin! Who apparently is the cause of the the fucking drama in the world right now! How in the name of all that is good and just in the world can filler anime villains have better depth, backstory, and information than the catalyst of the major villains of this manga? And for that matter, how can the talking ostrich have better character development? It's unpossible!
You don't actually need anything about Rin to make her the motive. Did you read/watch something where the plot is like this : someone was killed and the main character goes on a "quest" to find the killer and finds out that it was someone related to him and whatnot? Well, there are tons of such stories out there, and this is just like that.

Now, I would have appreciated more about Rin, but not in this flashback. In Kakashi Gaiden, probably, but not now that the fighting is going on.
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