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Re: Naruto 607

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
It is when you look at the entire timeline. At most 13 months passed from the time Obito was crushed to the Kyuubi attack (Kakashi was 13 when the mission started, his birthday is in September, Kyuubi attack occurred in October of the next year (Naruto's birthday is October 10) which was 12 years prior to the start of the series when Kakashi was 26). In that time, Obito not only became strong enough to capture Kurama, but put Minato on his toes at the same time.
Obito went from a totally useless fuck before he died to a raging beast when he slaughtered the mist shinobi. Now we don't know how many shinobi were present before he arrived on the scene, but once he snapped, he slaughtered them rather effortlessly, using his Mokuton abilities and usage of Kamui.

Obito's use of Kamui allows him to traverse large distances instantly. That can be attributed to Kamui. It's just an ability he has and can use it. Though him being that adept at it so soon is questionable. BUT, when you consider all that Madara taught him, it is not so far-fetched, considering Madara himself is a master of OP ass-pulls... and this when we still haven't seen all he has to offer.

Let's revert to the fight. Obito controlled Kurama with the Sharingan. How he managed that is something I don't have the answer to. It seems implausible and that is where I'm guessing that Madara's teachings have something to do with it. He might have inherited Madara's power or some abilities. We don't know. Though that seems to be the only logical answer.

As for fighting Minato, he really did nothing much. Using Kamui to travel long distances is something is different since it's something only he can do. Minato only exchanged a few blows with Obito (tried rather) before he figured out how to defeat him. Once the Rasengan attack landed, Obito fled the scene. It's only thanks to his intangibility that he survived. Otherwise there was nothing special about that fight. Minato would have been able to summon himself to this dimension even if he had gotten sucked into that dimension, so the result would have been the same.
Also, in that time, he grew 8 inches. Now, growth spurts can be an explanation, but a person doesn't grow 8 inches in the span of a year. At most, during the height of an adolescent's growth period, a male grows at a rate of 4 inches a year.
That is something I still don't understand, but I still think that Madara had something to do with that. His growth spurt seems ridiculous considering he is taller than Minato while Kakashi hasn't grown all that much...
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