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Re: Naruto 607

Wood Dragon, totally unecessary. What shown in one of the naruto games where 1st and Madara fought, was a good enough technique.

So thats what was behind naruto(the story). We waited over 10 years to find out this flashback is the cause/ the engine of the story? I mean, thats all? That flashback is meant to be the answer to all the mysterie that brought about this story we used to love?

Even when you guys used to whine about how bad naruto had become I still made myself like it, mainly because of the mystery of tobi and the desire to see things that happened before the begining of the series. Once Tobi's mask was off and Obito was revealed, 3quart of my interest in this series desapeared, now this crappy reasons for his actions and lazy plots and explanations e.g.

How did Tobi survive rocks = i dont know, guessits a miracle.
Why was Tobi taller = Zetsu suit(if someone else was Tobi all this crap explanations wouldnt be necessary)
How did Rin die and why = Kakashi chidoried her. Why? i dont know, dint bother finding out.
Why dint Obito ask why or kill kakashi = I dont care anymore!
How was Nagato given rinnegan = I put it without him or his family knowing or noticing.

Also why give hashirama such unecessarily haxed powers, when his victory can easily be explained by an immunity over the sharingan due to his special cells n chakra since him being made powerful now changes nothing apart from create plot hole in his battle against the 3rd and the concept of future generations stronger than the previious.
but offcourse, its to make Madara more of a threat, but its shown to be unnecesarry because if even yamato had the rinnegan he would be threat. So madara having Rinegan and wood element makes the whole hashirama hype totally unecessary.

Are you guys sure MASASHI KISHIMOTO is still the one writing this story and not some retconing douche who didn't bother to read the first 300 chapters before taking over.
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